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Live your life free from regret, be more productive, lose weight and feel better than before

'I've left nights like this behind'

Paul from Norway no longer has to live with the effects of drinking alcohol thanks to The Way to Sobriety

Feeling much better now!

'I loved the content provided in the course and have completed the first build of his my housing project with a clear head and I'm in the middle of my next house build' Stuart from Wales.

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Now and then

I've lost over 20KG (44LB or just over 3 stone depending where you are from) since I managed to kick alcohol, feel great every morning I get up and live my life free from regret of things I may have said to people the night before and not remembered! 

I have much better relationships with my family now (I find it much simpler to handle a potential argument with a clear head - its much easier to diffuse a problem without the anxiety attached to the day after feeling you get from drinking alcohol) and I am much more motivated in business and carer.

If you can follow the course, there is nothing stopping you improving your life.  That could be starting a new business, starting a new carer (I have studied to become a teacher, and gained employment after giving up drinking), and losing weight just as I have done.

don't worry, its not going to be that hard

Its really not going to be about telling you that you have to find god or Budda to be able to do this.  

The course is based on my own experiences of giving up drinking alcohol and becoming sober, its not as scary as it sounds.

My course is in an easy to understand set of videos and tools that will walk you through each of the stages that I came up against when beginning my process of giving up drinking.

you wont have to do yoga - unless you want to

Although I now have more more motivation to hit the gym several times a week, (and actually, I did attend a yoga class and it was great) the course does not force you to exercise daily or meditate. 

I really must say though, since i've stopped drinking, the amount of energy I now have is incredible.  Its not unusual for me to spend 2 hours in the gym!  I could not imagine myself being able to do this back in the days when I was living my old life.  If I was back in the times when I was drinking, id have a habit of going for a night out, drinking too much and then justifying to myself that the next day is a complete write off (and that following evening, it was not unusual for my body to start withdrawing from the drug and making me want more alcohol).  It was not just the fact that I was making excuses to myself as to why I did not feel the need to go to the gym, but I was actually giving myself reasons to eat the unhealthy food that my body was craving after a night on the beer.

The course will focus on the reasons why giving up is easier than you think by using a technique that I have been using for the last 3 years which has evolved now to a new way of thinking.

You are going to feel better than you have done in the past without the constant highs and lows that you get from using alcohol.  Let me guide you through the whole process from the questions your are going to get asked by friends, family and even strangers to coping with that Friday night feeling of 'needing' a drink.